Processing Stages:
The refrigerator production line (also assembly line) including the following steps according to general fridge product processing and layout:
1. Fridge cabinet (case body) pre-assembling line (With rubber on conveyor to safeguarding the surface quality of fridge cabinet.
2.Conveying into the cabinet foaming conveyer system for foaming and the foamed cabinets will be transported out to the deposited line area(generally amounts are between 100-200sets foamed cabinet, another advantage is to classify the fridge specification in line to wait for into assembling line in order.
3. Vacuumize circling line with pumps fitting trolleys: the vacuum pump's amounts will be decided according to production capacity/per year/per single shift.
4. Refrigerant injection (charging) machine section.
5. Compressor’s sealing and welding after refrigerant injection.
6. Leakage inspection sector.
7. Section for Intelligent comprehensive safety tester (fridge safety inspection).
8. Production test system is used to test refrigerating and safety performances of refrigerators.


How it Flows:
When refrigerators enter into commercial test room, they are distributed to test lines. When a test line is full, power plugs are plugged in and the probes are put in place to start reading the bar code of each refrigerator. When the bar codes are read, the data of the refrigerators are entered into the computer. Then, power is supplied to 10 as a group, and the test of the refrigerators begins. When the test is completed, the probes are moved away and power plugs are unplugged. Moreover, it can be manually selected to print out refrigerator test curves and general test report and automatically print out nonconforming test curves and general test data.
9. Packaging line section (generally its length is about 20m with a roller line to ground. The section of repairing after finding unqualified refrigerators by inspected and checked.





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